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Photo Gallery
Spider through Magiscope
Penny magiscope image
lettuce seeds through magiscope
kids microscope magiscope
pollen through magiscope
flower magiscope
magiscope fern spore
kids with magiscope
dennis brock teaching
stome magiscope image
more pollen through magiscope
These photos were taken with an iPhone looking through the Magiscope. 
Micro mollusk on a penny 
Stoma of the Wondering Jew Plant
Seeds of Roman lettuce
Hibiscus Pollen
Pollen from a flower
Pollen from a flower 
Fern spores 
Mr.Brock teaching with Temple Grandin
bangladeshi magiscope
bangledesh microscope magiscope
““The first young Bangladeshi student cautiously approached the microscope, not really knowing how to look into it or what to expect when she did. Then fear turned to a little smirk that grew into a big smile. What a blessing it is to see a child in the midst of wonder!,” Goldie Frances at the Light of Life Center said. “After the next student took a turn, and then the next, science fever had set in.

““We are so thankful that Linda Dudley came all the way from Missouri to Bangladesh to introduce 20 young girls to a microscope and a deeper understanding of the detailed beauty of our created world,” Frances said. “This January, general science was officially added to the students’ learning curriculum, just before the Light of Life Center’s first anniversary.”
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