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Best price option for the starter scientist up to the serious student.


Model 70 Red or black

10x obj

3 Petri dishes

10 glass slides

Slide box


3 Specimen capsules

Bundle Package

SKU: 284215376135191
  • The Stand is solid aluminum alloy with brass on brass friction focusing and a patented fine adjustment ramp. Only one moving part is present. No exposed threads, knobs, levers, screws, or mechanical adjustments are present. No rack and pinion or gearing is used. The Patented Lumarod illumination system provides simultaneous reflection and transmitted light (through the stage) without adjustment or replacement of bulbs, batteries, mirrors, or prisms. No electrical system is utilized. Transmitted light is provided by a cool, rod-optic system requiring zero maintenance. 
    The Brock Magiscope® is a study in ruggedness, simplicity, and versatility. A standard 4x achromatic objective is used with a 5x wide field eyepiece with ultra high eye relief for ease of operation with young children or people who wear glasses. Laboratory grade optics provides superior resolution color and contrast. 
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