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Project Magiscope

Consider a Tax Deductible Donation 

PROJECT MAGISCOPE is our attempt to make a difference in the lives of future scientists -hopefully with the help of our friends.. Watch this video message from Magiscope inventor, Dennis Brock. 

Choose your classroom donation ------>>

Both options above also includes:

  • Petri dishes

  • Pipettes

  • Specimens

  • Getting started booklet

  • Zoom calls one on one with the inventor Dennis Brock (by request)

Who your donations help

olivia magiscoope.jpeg
"Recently, I was awarded a Magiscope in recognition of the science activities I provide to my students. My mom always told me - strive to do your very best in whatever you do!. This is how I live my life! It's heart warming to knwo that people I would not have imagined would take notice of my field trips and scients posts, and decide to present me with a wonderful gift in appreciation of my efforts - efforts they do not even benefit from! This means the world to me!."
Olympia Baylou

What Your Recipient Will Receive

Project Magiscope awards teachers and includes the following below:

Project Magiscope® Certificate.jpg

Project Magiscope Award Certificate

Presented with the Project Magiscope donation for being selected as a recipient. 

Magiscope Instruction Pamphlet FINAL 2.jpg

Magiscope Get Started Pamphlet

Booklet teaches you the basics of all about the Magiscope. It's a great tool for teachers and anyone learning or teaching about microscopes.


Teacher Support

Student Zoom virtual meeting live with the Magiscope inventor, Dennis Brock. Unlock the true potential of students with this motivating and educational experience for future scientists. 

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