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Remington Arms went from making fighting machines to making writing machines both of which reflected superior design, materials and workmanship.


This stately and attractive machine was made in France sometime in the fifties. There are vintage typewriter data sites that can tell you exactly when it was made, but researching your buy is part of the charm.


When I received this machine, it was all one tone of gray and quite unexciting but since I have been finishing things since the late 60's, I decided to give it a little style by spraying the ribbon cover in a contrasting textured finish which really dressed it up.


There is a particular feel to these vintage Remingtons which are crisp and light. Someone familiar with theses could detect blindfolded.


There is no case availiable for this piece, but we will pack it tight. You can always stop by and try it out.


Everything works, and its in excellent condition.

Call us if you have any questions.

Remington Monarch Two Tone Vintage Manual Typewriter

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