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Made in England. This tan-colored relatively lightweight portable is perfect for taking anywhere.


Many folks like to type in the woods or at a park where cell phones don't grow. When you are surrounded by nature, thoughts come easily - focus flows unopposed.


Made sometime in the 60's, I have used this particular machine at a local farmers market just to see people's reaction. I had to explain that when I write, which I actually was, the manual typewriter allows me total immersion in what I am writing - relatively distraction free.


They would usually leave at that point.


But... don't be affraid to look a little crazy. No one ever fell in love with their computer, but they do get attached to their typewriters.


Mary Adelson, who owned a Manhatten typewriter shop with very famous customers once said "They are more than just machines".


If you have an interest in this piece please contact us.

Smith Corona Corsair Vintage Manual Typewriter

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