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NOW AVAILABLE! The Cirrus System® is here! Watch the video and see for yourself. 

Special Offer*************** Be one of the first to order and receive free bonuses. 


The Cirrus System® combines art and science in the most practical form. Custom made to enhance the use of the Magiscope®


This is inventor, Dennis Brock’s 5th generation of photomicrographic devices designed for use with the Magiscope®. He just revolutionized the use of the Magiscope® with the new launch of The Cirrus System®.


What if you could easily share the  images you see through the Magiscope®.?


What if your children could simply and easily take a photo of a mosquito under the Magiscope for their school project? 


A culmination of decades of experience in the field has led to the simplest solution possible, The Cirrus System®. 


Simply grab your iPhone, find your shot, slide the Cirrus over, lineup the eyepiece to the camera lens, and take your photo.


Easily share your Magiscope images with others via text, social media, email, etc. 


The Cirrus System is handcrafted entirely of copper and oak. The copper pipe has been flame painted and sealed. Each one is completely unique and no two will be alike. When you own one of these you will have the only one like it on the Earth.  The Cirrus System and it’s color variations will last forever as will the Magiscope® itself. Pass down from generation to generation. 


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Bundle special includes Includes limited time bonus disposable pipette, petrie dish, and rubber bands. 

The Cirrus System® Special Offer

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