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What Makes Something Vintage?

I collect things that last. I also make things that last. You can find vintage Brock Magiscopes on line. It's nice to be considered vintage while you are still kicking.

What makes something vintage? It is not enough to simply be old. Vintage implies many things at once. Style, utility, longevity, pride... all qualities we admire, all in increasingly short supply.

For entrepreneurs, the opportunities to develop and perfect their particular niche are still there. The future belongs to those who can improvise and innovate. To create tomorrows vintage masterpieces.

Longevity is the logical outcome of doing everything right-combining design, materials, and craftsmanship in such a way that their creation will still function a century later. Longevity is the mother of sustainability and sustainability is the only hope this small blue ball in blackness has for the future of all it's inhabitants.

Simply put, we can no longer afford to mindlessly toss things aside as if they will all magically disappear.

It's a closed system. Ask anyone who has seen it from space. What we make and what we buy will shape our future. What we leave behind can be monuments to mankind's ingenuity or just plain garbage. It's up to us.

Our oceans, our beautiful bountiful blue oceans are drowning in man's debris. They are dying right before our blind eyes.


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