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What's The Answer To A Disposable World?

What’s the answer to a world where everything is broken, and disposable?

If they don’t make things like they used to, then buy what they used to make.

I have gathered and refurbished hundreds of vintage guitars, sewing machines, microscopes, typewriters, record players, even toasters- which somehow, they completely forgot how to make. We have what works and has been doing so for decades -they're built that way. We also have some display pieces that look great on bookshelves like a beautiful black vintage Royal typewriter.

Vintage Sewing Machines-Most people do not realize that Singer, Brother, Pfaff and so many more do not make their own machines- they are made in China with no quality control, worthless warranties and none-unhelpful customer service.They sell us attractive junk- with no support and cheap parts and we buy them.

In contrast, I have gathered what I see as the toughest, simplest, most dependable machines ever made. All metal, mostly Japanese from the 1960’s. It only takes a few drops of oil every few months and they will go another 60 years. Also, we teach how to use what we sell.

Vintage Guitars-I’ve collected mostly classical guitars with some folk style steel strings, all made from the finest woods-again Japanese and mostly from the 60's.Exceedingly beginner friendly, yet they sound so rich and full-always getting better with age like fine wines and cool people. We will show you how to play.

Microscopes- As an inventor,I created the Brock Magiscope® in 1987 and I know microscopes.We have everything from antique brass collectors pieces to vintage 35 year old Brock Magiscopes- even Zeiss microscopes from West Germany.

Vintage Manual Typewriters - A personal writing machine that you must try to fully appreciate.I have a vast assortment ,everything from West German Olympia, Smith Corona and Remington, to Royal before they sold their brand overseas.

Discover why poet Allen Ginsberg said “The typewriter is holy”.

We have far too many things to list here but they were all built to last.Come visit us and our marvelous machines.

To learn more about inventor and author Dennis Brock visit


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